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The Benefits Of Green Smoothies

The Benefits Of Green Smoothies
March 3, 2018 Stolle UK
In Recipes

At Stolle, we love both fruit smoothies and smoothies filled with nourishing vegetables. It’s important to get a healthy mixture of both and today; we wanted to discuss the benefits of green-based smoothies with you.

Although all smoothies are healthy, green-based smoothies are better for you than fruit smoothies – this is based on the content of sugar (even though it’s good sugar!) in the fruit smoothies.

Our favourite ingredients:  

Not sure what you’d like in your smoothie? Firstly, take a moment to think about what your body needs. What do each of our key greens offer us?

Kale; Kale is super high in anti-oxidants which makes it great for improvements to the appearance of glowing skin and wrinkles.

Spinach; It’s a great source of Vitamin K, which is an essential nutrient in responding to injuries by assisting the transport of calcium through the body. If you’re recovering from a sports injury – it’s time to add spinach to your smoothies!

Mint; The strong, refreshing aroma of mint helps two-fold; firstly, it’s great for headaches – its naturally soothing properties will relax and rejuvenate your mind. Secondly, it’s a beneficial ingredient to ease digestion. It soothes indigestion and inflammation. It’s also great if you’re frequently travel sick.

Collard Greens; Want shiny, celebrity-style hair? Collard Greens are the option for you. Packed full of Vitamin A, Collard Greens help your hair grow healthy and strong!

What are your favourite ingredients? We’d love you to share them with us below!

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