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The Importance Of Your Morning Coffee

The Importance Of Your Morning Coffee
March 4, 2018 Stolle UK
In Tips & Tricks

The morning coffee is becoming a staple part of the working day! An early morning pick-me-up is becoming essential, especially for the London workers amongst us.

But, do we really need to feel guilty about this little indulgence? Perhaps not! Although excess caffeine can be bad for us, there are health benefits to a cup of coffee a day.

It’s A Source Of Anti-Oxidants

We’re always pushing the importance of anti-oxidants. Just like green tea and cocoa, many scientists say coffee is one of the primary sources of anti-oxidants. But, why are they important? They fight inflammation, chronic conditions and arthritis.

It Keeps Your Brain Active

Although not everybody receives the ‘boost’ of energy coffee offers in the same way, most people will see a boost. It can increase your memory and your concentration as well as improve the effects of cognitive decline.

Heart Health

Coffee is healthy for your heart – ranges of research studies have suggested this. Science suggests that coffee may support heart health by protecting against arterial damage caused by inflammation.

Exercise Performance

This is a subject of much controversy. Health experts claim that drinking coffee before or after a workout is bad, because we’ve been pre-conditioned to believe that coffee causes dehydration. Recent studies suggest that moderate coffee consumption doesn’t dehydrate you enough to interfere with workouts.

They also say that coffee helps battle fatigue (which is why we all drink it in the first place), which arguably helps you to exercise for longer periods of time.

So, why do you drink coffee? And what benefits does it have to your day?

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